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Contributions to HuffPost Book Blog, featuring virgins, the Lesser Goldfinch and the Moose!

The Writing Practice, Parts I and II, on Huffington Post.  Also a piece on revision.

Part I:  Rituals, The Muse and Luck


Part II: Methodology and Camaraderie


On Revision

huffpost virgin image three


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Books reviewed for Carmel Magazine

“In Review”: A dazzling collection of short stories, a memoir on friendship, and a book to transform your life.

 Eliot Treichel knows the interior landscape of a certain American male. With this debut collection, he earns a place next to writers like Rick Bass, Mark Richard, Brady Udall, and Sherman Alexie. 

Ann Patchett’s stunning tribute to a friend and friendship. 

The Zanders’ inspiring bestseller is a tune-up for the attitude.