Melanie Bishop

Writing, Teaching, Editing, Retreats


Melanie Bishop has taught writing or led creative writing retreats in Arizona’s Sierra Ancha Wilderness, At Paolo Soleri’s Arcosanti (, in Prescott, Arizona, in the Cycladic Islands of Greece, and on the Monterey Peninsula in Carmel-by-the-Sea.

Bishop recently took early retirement from Prescott College, where she was on the creative writing faculty for twenty-two years, and was founder and editor of Alligator Juniper, the college’s award-winning, national literary magazine. Melanie holds an MFA in Fiction from the University of Arizona, and was awarded a  screenwriting fellowship from the Chesterfield Writers’ Film Project, co-sponsored by Universal Studios and Steven Spielberg’s Amblin Entertainment. The Makeover, a screenplay written during the fellowship year, later went on to place in America’s Best Screenplay Competition.

Bishop’s young adult novel, My So-Called Ruined Life, was released in January, 2014 by Torrey House Press, and was a top-five finalist for both the John Gardner Award in Fiction, sponsored by University of Binghamton, and the Firecracker Awards (sponsored by Council of Literary Magazines and Presses). It was a top-ten finalist for the Lascaux Fiction Prize. She’s peddling a short story cycle, Home for Wayward Girls, which has been a finalist in seven book contests: Mary McCarthy Prize in Short Fiction; University of Iowa Press Short Fiction Awards; Doris Bakwin Award; Tartt Fiction Award; the Eludia Award; the Serena McDonald Kennedy Award; and Augury Press’ Book Prize. She’s also published short fiction and nonfiction in Glimmer Train, Georgetown Review, Greensboro Review, Florida Review, Potomac Review, Valley Guide, Hospice Magazine, Puerto del Sol, The American and Family Circle.

Currently Bishop divides her time between Prescott, Arizona and Carmel, CA, and hosts writing retreats in both locations. She offers instruction, editing and coaching through Lexi Services, and reviews books for Carmel Magazine, New York Journal of Books, and Huffington Post. Learn more about Melanie Bishop here.




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